The real you, the you that matters. All my life, I have tried to make people happy by adjusting who I am to make them happier. Turns out by doing that, all I have done Is succeeded in making myself unhappy. I wanted so badly to find the real me. The me I was happy with, the me I was never going to change. That’s why I went to travel Australia and New Zealand. To find the real me, to find contentment, to find the real me.

You see I know and knew I was a good person and my intentions were good. I had just adjusted myself so many times, that I was confused as to where in me I was. Then one day I made the most important choice of my life, best described in a picture I have used quite frequently in my blogs.  

So that’s what I do I try to be the best I can be whilst not dimming my light, standing for what I believe in. Me and my Andie have allot of fun, because we are able to be ourselves. We do our best to have allot of fun and not to take life to seriously. We like to have laughter in our home, we like happy conversations. Of course I am human, which means I am not perfect. My nick name (one of them) is fonz. Hopefully because I take happy days with me. Hopefully silverback because I am assertive, or just plain crazy sometimes. But what ever happens I love fun,  to see smiles on others faces because I chose to be happy. I chose to be me, the real content me. The me I am happy with.

So what’s the point in this weeks blogs, for me it was to encourage you to be you. To hold your head up, knowing you are happy with who you are. Knowing your doing your best for others. Knowing you have Made their day better by being you. We don’t have to change, we are accepted for who we are by people. If people don’t accept who I am that’s not my problem. I have survived cancer for a reason, and survived it twice to encourage others that they also have a future. Cancer has even touched our beloved dad, but still he keeps going. Preaching the word of God and speaking life into people’s lives. Speaking positivity to everyone he meets, if you want to meet an exemplary man. That would be my dad, I guess I am a little like him. Well I hope so anyway.

We are different every day. Why because we have learnt more today than we ever did. So how can we not have learnt more. Consequently making us better people if we choose to be.


I hope you enjoyed reading this week. Have a great weekend what ever you do.


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