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Not allot happy in me today, today’s blog is dedicated to our friend Becca Parkes who passed yesterday. Becca was terminal. Becca was a selfless person, one of life’s givers, she was a kind bubbly person. When she was in hospital recently, she messaged me asking how I was. 

Becca had lung cancer and lived a full life leaving behind a wonderful daughter Ambur. I knew Becca, not that we have been out partying together. But through cancer, through our disease. The very illness that brought us together took her away. Cancer is so cruel, I can’t even think of a word that’s enough, that says enough. Yet does not give cancer respect. 

This lady was loving in life, she gave so much to all around her. She was selfless yet tough, kind whilst being thoughtful. She was a person who was real, she was not a person who hid behind a fassard. Becca was who she was, kind to all. Always looking on the bright side of life. Never allowing cancer to crush her, she was a real inspiration to me in that dark room. There will always be a part of me that remembers Beccas kindness.

Today the sun shines, but it’s oh so dark outside. Life is not fair, life’s cruel. But cancer is just a coward, a lying cheating horrible little piece of crap. It’s nothing yet does so much damage to those it touches.

Thank you Becca for encouraging us through the dark times. You will be sadly missed. X

 I wonder (as a sign of respect) who will join me in lighting a candle to remember Becca tonight. Whilst remembering her we remember  all those sadly taken by this scrawny cheating thing we call cancer. We will be whilst remembering her family in prayer.

RIP Becca Parkes

This is a song she wanted played at her funeral. 

Please forward this so as many people as possible so people know who Becca was. Xx