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What would the world be like if it was exactly how you wanted it. How would it look, well this is the kind of world I would like to see in my world.  The idea being that, nobody has nobody, that we all have somebody. We have freinds that are selfless but I do see some People just looking out for themselves not others . In fact I was one of those people before I realised how short life truly is. When you reach your 40’s fairly unscathed you have gotta be pleased with that. What do we need really. I mean to say we came into this world with nothing, and we will leave with nothing won’t we. 

Some want to leave a legacy, which I admire. Others just want to provide for their families, what we do In between arriving on this planet and leaving is our choice. 

But let me put it to you like this, what if every person you came into contact with, was helping you. Looking out for you, making sure you were and are safe. As apposed to keeping your hand on what’s important to you in a crowd. As opposed to being suspicious of everyone wanting something from you. Does it not start with us, start with us making the first move. Helping where we can as opposed to driving past, thinking someone else will do it.

This theory has existed for a long time, you only have to look at the story of the Good Samaritan in the bible. People have been kind for years, people have been selfish for years. I would love to hear your good stories. Stories you have heard, or things you have done. Your sharing with us, not bragging to us. It’s nice to be nice, I love kindness so much. I love seeing people smile,  the smile being reward enough.

This video says all I want to say, and hope that this blog inspires you to do something for someone. Please comment below about what you saw, or did. Let’s encourage the world to be better for each other. 

What will you do?