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My how time flies, isn’t it amazing how quickly life passes us by. Well let me paint you a happy picture, so it was a Saturday more than 11 years ago. I had gone to a party in Warrington but by 5 pm they were starting to get a bit silly. No explanation required. Anyway, I decided to phone a friend of mine who met me at Piccadilly in Manchester. The best nights out are never planned, we embarked on a regular night out that would change my life forever in the best way you can imagine. 

I remember walking from Piccadilly to the locks, jumping on a few cows in the mean time. Plastic ones. The locks was dead so we moved on stopping off at a place that we had never been to. As I walked into the pub there was this gorgeous blonde sat with her boyfriend and a few of what I assumed were his friends. Even though I had my back to her I was talking to stu about her. I walked past flicking her hair so it stuck to her lip gloss, and whispered “I will be back when you boyfriend gets up” 

He got up n went to the bar, as he did I sat on his seat asking “was that your boyfriend”? “No” she said “do you have a boyfriend” I asked… Again “no” was her answer. “Well give me your number then because I am taking you out next week” was my response. I then rang my phone from her phone to make sure I did not get the flert divert number. 

Unfortunately she could not meet me on the Tuesday as she was picking her up from the airport. The only problem was that she called me on the Tuesday and I made up an excuse as to where I was, ( print works ) that I was meeting friends to watch shriek 2 …. Yea right I had not even seen shriek 1. I was on a date on the Tuesday as I was on the Monday.

Anyway, this all led to the Wednesday the next day when we would go on our date. I decided to go out on my bike, a little 900cc ninja that could manage speeds in the high 180,s mph. 

So we met at Stretford Arndale car park, I was leaning on my bike with my ray bans on tight white t shirt and my leather jacket hanging from the handlebars. Then it happened, she turned the corner. ( this scene needs a cloudy look around the edge and slow mo for effect) as she walked towards me, my whole body went weak. I was very pleased I was leaning on my bike. As she walked all the right bits were moving rather attractively in my mind, her steps sped up slightly when she saw me. My word I thought, I wonder if she is thinking the same as me… I was pretty sure my life was going to be changed forever but I had to play it cool. I had to I could not mess this one up.

We arrived at the pub in knuts ford where she bought the first drink. We got on quite well, well very well in fact. 

After dropping her back at home, I rode home to North Manchester. (Heat on park) where I sat for an hour, no TV on, no nothing I just sat. I sat thinking that I must now delete all the numbers of potential girlfriends from my phone. Knowing I had met someone special.

That girl is now my wife, 11 years on. She is without doubt my best friend a great person to be around and brightens my day every day. We tell each other how much we care everyday, and I will be with her till my dying breath. We have faced losing Andie in the first 2 weeks of marriage and we have fought my cancer for years. But hear we are. Still as crazy about each other as we were 11 years ago.

Happy anniversary my love.