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How are you? Having a good week? Or are you getting in the way?  I am not sure if people realise that it’s your own mind that restricts us from being a success. The trouble with that word is it means so many different things to so many different people. I mean for me success is about getting into remission. For you it maybe paying off your mortgage, or that new car you have your eye on.  Is that really success though well I don’t think so, because my perimeters have changed.

What makes us who we are is what we expect out of life, our expectations are who we are. I used to think that things mattered, that having something matters. Well I have come to the conclusion that  things do NOT show who we are, but how we respond to others depicts what and who we are. We as humans when we see someone we judge them in a few seconds, we assess what sort of person they are. What we drive, how we look, how we dress, how shallow are humans really.  We are so ready to talk about ourselves, I know we have talked about the fact we have 2 ears and 1 mouth therefore we should listen more. 

Anyone remember?  That we listen to respond as opposed to listening to what is actually being said in a previous blog. How many of you have put it into practice? Only you know why or what you get out of reading these blogs, but I need you to know something.

It’s really important and I hope you remember this next sentence. ” only what you perceive to be possible can be done, what ever YOU perceive to be impossible will not be done by you” 

Everything you believe in your mind IS true. To you anyway, although others may not see it the way you do. That’s what makes them them. We have to accept the parameters people set for themselves, not trying to change what they believe but showing them what you believe. Recovery won’t allow me to be who I am. But what your reading now, is my effort at expression. My way of trying to get you to believe that anything is possible if you believe it. 

The only thing between you and success is YOU.



Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else.