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when ever I am on the right track I always come across people that make your life harder. If I am not on the right road it’s always easier. Am I on my own here. Or is this not the same for all of us? For me doing this everyday as well as reminding myself of different things, and bringing myself to a positive place daily. I hope beyond all hope that others are in turn being encouraged. Someone said to me in a group I joined that my blogs were self promotion. It really annoyed me, even made me feel like not bothering to do this anymore.. But (not wanting to labour) then I saw this.

Many of you if not ALL of you reading this will have faced moments when you feel like throwing the towel in. That’s when real people show their real substance, how we respond is everything.  I was definetley deflated last night, I could not even sleep it affected me that much. Anyway that’s behind me now, I am only human.

It’s ironic as its made me remember what we have suffered, we as sufferers tend to forget what we felt at certain times. It’s far to distressing to recall. But I realised something, that if I did not write it down it will be lost forever, you never know maybe even folk will understand the road of treatment better.

I believe the word forgiveness is one of the most powerful things we can do. When we forgive someone, it’s not our problem anymore, it also kind of evaporates what we felt. I have talked about forgiveness before in another blog. You may want to read that one to after you have read this one. 

One thing I know, is that as people we are unique and hold different opinions. The opinions held by others are thiers, not ours to judge. Learning to not take on others problems as your own is a vital skill in this journey we all call life. You are without doubt unique, you have something to give in all situations. It’s important that we are reminded of how valuable we are, even if it’s us ourselves doing the reminding.

Can I just take the opertunity by saying thank you to all the people that share and comment on these blogs. It means so much to see them spread. 

Just remember your the best you can be right now, you also have the opertunity to learn from your past and be a better best by putting it into practice. Remember what you were so you can see how far you have come, victory is so much closer than it was. There is an opertunity in every situation if we look for it.

Have a great weekend


Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else.