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When I was leaving school we had to do something known as a YTS, (youth training scheme) I opted to do retail. My first placement was at a fruit and veg stall in our local kwick save in leyland. I was given the opportunity to work on the meat counter after a while. It’s was good, as my mum and dad had always rattled on at me to get a skill. Which of course butchery was. 
This particular day I went into work to earn my £5.50 £27.50 weekly. And was asked to go in the fridge where I would find 88lbs of cheese, I was given a small flimsy hand grater and away I went, by mid morning I had 2 blue plasters on my knuckles where the skin had ended up in the cheese. But I kept going swopping hands. I then obviously cut the knuckles on my other hand to that also required blue plasters. The grated cheese came with some red speckles in it to.

On finishing I was told there was another 88lbs in the fridge that I could make a start on after my lunch. 

No way I thought, not a chance I am doing that. Not a chance. So off I went for lunch making a bee line for my local butchers called Chris coombers. They offered me a job and said I would start the next day. I took grate pleasure in going back to kwick save and taking my white coat off and putting it next to the cheese that needed grating.

What are you doing said the boss. “Leaving the grating for you, I am off I have a new job. Enjoy your life” off I went for an afternoon riding my bike. It was amazing to feel I was employed. The feeling of freedom was immense.

 Well So what’s the point in this blog. Well it’s to encourage you that You have your own destiny in your hands. You can do what ever you like, but you have to make it happen. Don’t carry on being unhappy, your life is yours be happy in it. 


Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else.