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Ok so tomorrow is first chemo day, but let me just tell you   a little story. So today we were having chilli sausage and bacon baps at ours today. Johnny Wilson Karl Boardman Alison Wilson and Chris Dale came to see us. We had a few games of pool and then went for a walk. We jumped a couple of brooks, threw the ball in the estuary for the dog and just chatted and laughed. It was really nice, quality time with good friends. As we strolled back we came across quite a wide brook hardly any water in it. But at least 10 feet deep I really was contemplating jumping it. Till Johnny (Against the opinion of the group majority. Said) “I can do that.” Ok I said “after you” at which point Johnny jumped.
Now you know how ducks land on water. Well that was how he landed. His feet carried on forwards as his body fell backwards. Now I have to say at this point I was very sorry I did not have my phone with me, as I had dropped it earlier. I was very disappointed I could not take advantage of this tremendous photo opportunity.

Johnny had managed to fall all the way down to the bottom. Funny though as he seemed to be in the recovery position growning in pain. I asked him if he broken anything he said no. His wife however was holding back her laughter. And eventually did one of those very hearty laughs.

I don’t think Johnny liked us laughing at him ALL the way back to the car.

Karl Boardman got int front and put on the blonde wig ( prefer blondes ) we have in our car. I have pictures if you want to see.

Sadly not of Johnny because on his removal from the embarrassing position he put himself in, it revealed the wheel that his whole body had been impailed on. Johns reaction when he saw it was “it’s not even an alloy” n they said master cards are priceless.

The next day was to be the first day of treating relapsed Hodgkin’s lymphoma. That was nearly 6 months ago, we find out next month If it’s been kept at bay. Have a great day. 


Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else.