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Why is there hate in the world, what motivates someone to harm another human being. What motivates a person to show Hatred towards their fellow man, I guess it’s a differance of opinion. Is it? I mean let’s make it simple, what has it got to do with me what, or who someone decides to worship. What has it got to do with me if someone decides to live in a certain way.? How does it affect me? It’s doesn’t does it? What matters is what we do for others, how we are with other people. Isn’t it better to concentrate on us and make sure we are doing things that we believe in as opposed to worrying about what others are doing. Isn’t life about example. About making the first move ourselves as opposed to wanting life to change, and others to change.

I personally love to think that a simple act has changed the direction of someone’s life, I love to think someone has done something nice for someone that makes a differance to them. That improves the direction their life was headed. Would it not be better rather than complaining about people. Rather to lead by example, helping the world to be a better place with every act. I know life is not like that, but what’s stopping us.

Would you step out and make the world a better place somehow, would you do something for somebody to help their lives and get nothing in return. Do something for someone without reward, just because it benefits them and not you.

It happened to me yesterday, someone paid my bill and gave us some human kindness. The feel good factor felt great, now I am not saying go and spend money on others that you have not got. But what I am saying is give what you can this next week. Just once to one person, give them something. Your time, your energy, money, love, whatever it is make sure it helps someone. I will do the same, and look forward to telling you how that worked out next week. I just put into YouTube “human kindness”  this is what I decided to post in this blog.

Life is your choice

Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else.