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What we say is what we are, you ever heard somebody say words like. I am useless, what we say we are is what we are. Let’s look into it a little. When I was told I had cancer, I told cancer I would win. I told cancer I would not accept you here. I spoke nothing negative intentionally, every action was to defeat cancer.
One thing I know is what I am about to tell you. It changed my life when I realised. You see I believe in God, I believe in satan to. I believe God can hear everything we say, I also believe satan can to. I believe that God knows what I am thinking, I also believe that satan can’t. Yep that’s right, only God knows what is in our minds. Therefore only God hears our non audible prayers right. Then surly if we only ever speak positivity in our lives, positivity to others. Believe positives, speak, and act positively. Will affect you and others in a good way.


How can a person be brought down by words, that speak strength, power and positivity in someone’s life. Now don’t think I am this amazingly positive guy that’s never down. Of course I do, but every time I am there, I speak out with faith, I speak out believing that I will achieve what ever I set out to do. Not being swayed by people’s negativity.

What we say we are is what we become, the only trouble is. When we speak it out loud both good and bad hear the words. Our weapon is what we say in our minds, what we say in private can be so effective. You are what you say you are, people will believe what you say you are.

I don’t want to hear words like “can’t” I want to hear words like “will” you are without doubt more than what you have become. We are all living a life, it’s our choice what we do with it. But then sometimes a stumbling block gets in our way, which means our lives have a different direction chosen for us. That does not mean you are less, it means you are more because you have more to deal with.

Do your best to speak strong positive words into people’s lives and you will win your battle. Go try it and see.
When I was 4 I asked God for a bike, then in the same prayer thanked God for the bike I did not have yet. Believing I would get a bike. It was red with solid tyres, I loved it. What will you believe?


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