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Its amazing how our very opinions of a person can be changed by what they wear. Don’t you think it’s amazing how children just don’t care what your wearing unless the parent has taught that child what trends are. That they will look silly wearing certain things at certain times. I watched the below video and it got me thinking.

What really motivates people, what really makes people think nice thoughts about others.  Because it seems we are in a world where people seem so hung up of what we wear, how we look. The next trend etc. I absolutely love it when I see people working together to make something happen. 

When I was in hospital I had a team of people with me, these people were encouraging, motivational, and considerate towards me. At a time in my life where I needed people in it. Cancer stories is there to support people facing cancer in what ever guise.


These people did not care what I drove, where I lived, they just cared and said what they could to encourage me. I truly don’t know what I would have done if those people were not there to turn to.  But what I do know is that there are amazing people out there who are “human kindness” they are an example of what human kindness is. 

Be the guy that helps the struggling mum off the bus, the person that slows to let someone cross, as opposed to getting cross because you have to wait a few more seconds.

Trust me when I say there is so much truth in the circle of life, one of the main principles I live by is. You reap what you sow. Fact. What we give always comes back around to bless us sooner or later. I hope this video blesses you like it blessed us.

Have a great day

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