What a glorious day, i am laid in the garden with a towel down on the grass, faith ( our dog ) is with me but she keeps throwing the ball at me. Sometimes it hits me on the head, other times my I pad. It means today’s blog maybe somewhat short. Right so what’s the crack, with me out in the garden, well apparently. Really shocking this, I am low on vitamin D. Oh really? That’s a shock. You lock me away from the world in isolation and now I have vitamin Ddifitioncy. Now there is a shock, but here is the thing. I have been told to stay out of the sun so I don’t get burnt. Oh well, I have my top off and I am topping up on my D as we speak. 10am on a Friday morning getting balls thrown at my head in the sun.
    This is a day where I can hear the birds, children in the distance enjoying morning time. Our neighbours girls are playing on the bikes outside. It’s just a nice place to be, as budding X factor contestants practice frozen in the garden. Faith seems very interested in the songs they are producing. Although I would say the ball is more interesting to her today.

  It seems crazy that me being outside in the sun is part of my recovery but I don’t think there has been a longer period in my life where I have not been near the sun. Even if it’s outside in a small garden, or abroad somewhere enjoying a cheeky week in the sun at a cheap resort. How fast life passes us by, it’s so short isn’t it. Oh how we need to enjoy today for tomorrow never comes.

  Well I am gonna sign off now, but I hope you are able to have some you time today. Enjoy some of the rare sun we get here. While I continue to get balls thrown at my head. Have a great weekend. Make sure you make some time for you today.

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