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Good morning, how are you today. My thoughts are with family’s of people that have been lost today. People who have been left behind. As I do, I start to feel Grateful that I still have my life. That I WILL get stronger once again.  I am thankful for all those that are in my life, and for those that did not make it to my future.

Don’t forget about the families left behind will you, try and remember them today and send them a message, or maybe use that thing they call a phone. Send some cheer, some love and encouragement today, you may want to  take some food to them. It must be hard to be left alone, especially after a full life together.

I was stood on the brow of the marshes yesterday, a short walk from the car. It was so nice with the wind in my face to hear the music being carried on the wind all the way from St Anne’s festival. To see the birds nesting, and just hear nature at its best. We don’t know what we have till we have to live without someone, or life changes abruptly. It makes me more determined to enjoy today with the people that are in it. Life is our gift to use, thank you for being a part of mine.


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