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A tribute to Norma Winn.
If Norma was with us today she would have been 70. Norma was taken suddenly, non of us expected it to happen so quickly. Norma was a Manchester City fan, not a part time football fan. She was an avid fan passionate about the game and absolutely loved Franny Lee. I remember chatting to Mike summer bee one afternoon, I rang Andie who seemed hysterical at the other end saying “my mum would have loved to have spoken to you” 

Norma gave birth to 3 girls in her life, Malcolm had an adopted daughter to. Although I was not there in the family whilst they grew up together, I believe football took a big part in their lives. Norma was the secretary to wilmslow Albion and the family all pulled together whilst making the football club a success.

My own experience of Norma was a very nice one, she did not complain. She did her best and worked right up to her last days. She made fancy dress costumes for her daughters boys, ironed the uniforms etc. She was just so kind, considerate and a best friend to Andie my wife.

I remember taking Norma out, it was a big deal for me as I was to ask for her eldest daughters hand in marriage. Up I rocked with my shirt and tie on expecting to take her somewhere expensive. Where did she want to go. Burger King, ok we can do that I said. So off we went to Burger King, I had a whopper with a strawberry milk shake. I was soon to learn that that was exactly what Malcolm used to have. We sat down, and I asked her if she minded me and Andie getting married. She was so pleased, and said she would need to buy a new hat. I loved that lady, so innocent and loving. 

  Norma’s mum, and Bev.
Norma had a brother called Phil and a sister called Anne. Norma had her mother live with them for many years 16 years I believe giving up much of her time to look after her. It was a big sacrifice for Malcolm and Norma to make. This just showed what amazing people they were, whilst looking after 4 children. 

Norma would have been 70 today, Norma died suddenly from Liver cancer, although the primary was never found. All I ask is you like this for Norma. We miss you. X