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Ok you ready for a dose of real honesty from Fonz. This is the true me, just like you really, I got hungry and ate. I got tired and pushed myself past being tired. I did my own shopping, I enjoyed weight training. I can safely say I enjoyed my life. It was a life where I did not fear anything much. Apart from spiders and snakes, I was cool with most things.  I didn’t really have money worries, because I used my abilities to bridge the gap. In fact you would think life was great for us. That is if you never considered cancer, taking both My wife’s parents at a young age. Your never forgotten, Malcolm and Norma. We are here in their honour.

I never considered what was in foods, I did not consider much to be able to harm me. That’s pretty much all of us though isn’t it. We just get on with our lives, not even thinking to take a breath, considering how fast our heart beats. It just does it, and we take it for granted. We never consider it, you may never have considered it until now. Humans are amazing, how we work is absolutely astounding. How do we last as long as we do.

I had become as complacent with life as I had with my body working in harmony. I just had a zeal for life, I never expected anything to go wrong in life, I only ever expected to win. Even if I lost I believed I would win the next time. 

Then I found myself in a place where everyone tip toed around me, held me like broken glass felt sorry for me and did not know what to say to me. It was like I had a, oh. I did have a disease. But why was I ostracised  why did people stop talking. Why didn’t some people treat me like they did before, then you think how hard it must be for them to watch a person they love to endure such a thing as Cancer. You see people go into survival mode, where you have to save your own life. Yea all sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it. Maybe that’s because it is exactly like that, but you just yearn to be treated normally. To talk about normal stuff and to laugh at normal stuff.

 I have been treated for cancer twice now, and we live a very different life to that which we had before. We don’t take our breath for granted, when we hear birds sing we listen, when butterfly’s show themselves we are grateful. I appreciate bees, watching the cat play. Seeing the cat lick the dogs ears and visa versa. Everything is so much more important since treatment, the love people show me I value more. People, friendships and other people become more real as you realise how precious they are. 

Everything I do now has more meaning than ever before, because I have learnt. I have learnt one thing. That the life we live is a gift, a very precious gift. What cancer has given me is an ear to listen and eyes to see. I personally do not hate the journey we have had, rather thankful my eyes can now see just how amazing life is. I would never have felt this joy to see people enjoying life if I had not had these steps to walk. It’s like having the path before you lit by a thousand candles. 

Thank you to all my friends that have helped us push the limo  and continue to do so as my body holds me back, whilst my body is weak I will continue to tell my story. Remember how amazing you are. Have a great week.


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Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else.