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It’s hard to find the right words today, being a day we remember a life that’s lived for over 90 years. It drives it home again once more how short and precious  this life we live really is. 


Everyone who holds Grandma Jennie dear are in our prayers today. Love and prayers to all the family.
Sorry it’s short today, but don’t forget to tell your loved ones you love them today.  Enjoy having them with us. Instead of regretting what we didn’t do.


GRANDMA JENNIE – Today Is your day,  a day we remember and pray. We will miss you gramma Jennie,  your smile I miss more than any. I know you are safe, in a special place now. We will see you again, but not yet, not yet. You won’t be made to walk again, never again will I see you here. But Grandma Jennie – you will know when I think of you.  Goodnight Grandma Jennie, and God bless.