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Good morning. How are you today? Today is a great day, it’s Thursday but it’s also an opportunity to choose to step outside of your comfort zone. Every day we live is an opportunity to challenge ourselves, to become more equipped humans. To be more knowledgeable, to share love with people you may never have. To learn more skills that you may never have learnt before. It’s up to us to be excited about the future, or to just let it drift past without us even noticing. I hear so many times, well it’s because.

 It’s really gets on my nerves how people would rather make an excuse as opposed to taking action. I mean take my brother for instance, he just does it. No excuse not to, just reasons to do. We should all take something from that. DO IT as opposed to reasons not to do it.

We have to choose to do or not to do everyday, your future is in your hands no one else has control of it. You were given a life to live. A world to live on, make the most of it enjoy every morning. It’s so nice out there when the sun shines, although clouded by pain in my life. It’s to be appreciated, loved and enjoyed. If you have a sweet tooth, then cake to your mouth is like a wonderful view on a summers day to your eyes.

I know stepping outside of your comfort zone is hard, to do something that you have never done before. But it feels so good that you have stepped out and created that memory, memories stay with you. They stay for a long time, and you can keep enjoying them time after time. If however you have not created the memory you think of, you will only ever imagine what it’s like. 

Don’t imagine, remember.