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The best things that have happened to me this week have been born out of giving. It’s amazing the pleasure I get from it. Take seeing my parents this week, you can’t go out and buy the look my dad gives to me when he claps eyes on me. It’s to be treasured. My wife Andie has made me see that, time can bring its last tock at any moment. Why some people are taken early and others have a long life is just the way life is.  But you never know how much you will miss them till they are gone. Just to see my dads face light up yesterday was worth the effort that’s floored me today.

See the point is, (this I got from my wife to) it’s not what you do for someone when they are gone that matters. It’s what you do when they are here that matters, how you make them feel inside when you see someone. What you give does not need to cost money, it’s time that means so much as far as I can work out. Time with people that matter to you, so that when they or you have past you leave behind happiness and memories.
  Since being infected by cancer, I have chosen to bless others where ever possible. I hope every time I write that someone chooses to do something they otherwise would not have done. Don’t think about it, make it a memory, I am proud to be married to such an amazing person. Now I think it’s time to give to her, in the shape of a thrashing at pool. 

Have a great weekend

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