Hi every one, I want you all to know that although I have fear of being unwell. I know that this journey WILL make me better. It will make my body free of all ailments and maybe the new blood will give me new energy.
I am quietly hopeful that this journey will encourage others to succeed. We must never ever give up. Always looking for positives in every situation.
We are all here for a reason, trick is to find that reason. Mine is to fight, not men but the unseen negativity that surrounds our daily lives.


I will stand till the day it’s not possible and on that day I will write words of encouragement and remember the battles that we have won together. No man can do everything alone. No man can judge you, your decisions are what makes you, you.
Be happy with who you are only changing the parts that can be improved. Do not change for anyone except yourself. You are in charge of your own destiny.
Don’t be sad be eager to chase what you believe in. 

It’s drawing close to scan time, week Monday 24th 12.pm I will have it, then the next week I find out if cancer has gone from my body once more. I have butterfly’s when I think about it, I proberbly feel a bit scared to if I am honest. It’s taken allot just to get here, I long to make that update. Where you will read the words “I am in remission” oh how amazing that will be, just to know you have done all you can and its worked once more… I am sure many of you reading my blogs will be hoping for that to. I want to thank you for reading my daily witterings, it means allot to me that you find them interesting enough to read.

I still believe you know, I still have hope that the past years efforts, tests, chemo, scans, and operations have been worth it. Oh how I long to hear those words…. What ever your facing can be done with a positive attitude. I met a lady on Thursday who had been given 2 years to live, that was 2 1/2 years ago.

Have a great week, and keep positive.