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Isn’t it amazing how we change as we move through life, as we get older we react differently to situations. We respond differently to how we used to. We understand words in a different way. 

I remember being at Sunday school and the Sunday school teacher was telling us what she had done that week. She had been for an operation and was exsplaining to us how she felt. That when she went into the theatre for the operation, as she prayed she felt Gods presence. I didn’t hear much more of what she said, I just spent the whole of Sunday school trying to work out what sort of presents God would have. 

I pictured lots of children’s toys including a Tonka toy ( my favourite ) but that’s my interpretation then because that’s what I knew. Later in life I learned what it was really like to have Gods presence, Gods presence can’t be imagined or pictured. Although having a go I would say it would be like bathing in Love. 

  Hard to portray a feeling in a picture I think a bit like this though…
I love how it took me so long to find out what was meant by the word “presence” when I asked her what she meant at the end of the class she said “it was like lying on a bed surrounded by his presents. I spell it that way because what I imagined was neatly wrapped birthday presents all around her bed. Tonkas and other boy toys. Oh how different it is when you know the difference, but the other way isn’t a bad one.

I wonder if this story has jogged a memory? Please share it? What would it look like to you?