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10.10am and I am still in bed, leg pain is bad today. So is the ill feeling so I am resting today. So here is a blog I wrote some time ago for you.

Back in 2003 I sold my house in Preston put all my property in storage and got my dad to drop me off at airport.

Sat at the airport with a rucksack and a few quid, it was going to be an adventure. A time to find out who I was, as I sit here in isolation disconnected from the world 1 of the only ways to keep sane is to remove yourself from the situation in your mind. So right now I have just landed in Perth. I was to meet a guy with an Aston villa top on, never having met him I had no idea what to expect. He was a short stocky guy with a bald head. We smiled at each other and that familia sound of that horrible Midlands accent came out. But it was kinda diluted by a Aussie twang and sounded quite cool.

Many things were to happen before me but after he feel asleep at work and printed 38 pages off of the letter p that was the end I had to leave. I had bought a car, picture below. Blow up mattress in the back and off I went on the adventure of my life.

To places with 2 Swedish girls with me, the most boring girls I had ever met in my life. I was not to leave them until I got to Albany where I just got up real early got money off them for the fuel they owed me and drove off to Esperance. 

Esperance is where I will leave writing this blog today. But the point of this blog is to say. You have amazing u inside you, you just have to be willing to allow yourself to find it. Love you, don’t take any negatives from anyone. Be the best you can be, love the best of your ability but most of all find the real you. The you that’s amazing, refuse anything the world says and protect your heart and what you believe in. Go where you want to go, and let nothing stop you from achieving what you feel you can.

You are unique and no one is on YOUR journey.
Have a great day