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Who are you? Those words, they just leave so much unsaid. But I want you to look in the mirror today, I just want to to have a word with the person in the mirror. Because you are beautiful, you are the one. No one else can walk your steps and be you. I am not saying your perfect because no one is, but you have beauty. You chose and choose to see it or not see it. Have you watched the lion king? I know I have mentioned it before but YOU are more than what you have become. You are so much more, and the beauty that’s in you can only be brought out by you.  it’s you who chooses to see it or not.

  There are so many people that need what you, and only you can offer. It’s in your hands, to see what you want to see. You see for me it’s a clarifying moment for Simba the Lion, he saw his own reflection in the water. What everyone sees right. Wrong. People don’t see what you look like, they only see that when they first meet you so they are able to tell what you look like. What people see is in what you say, what you do, and how you smile. Your beauty can be seen from far away if we allow it to be seen. The guy that asks for your change everyday, he sees your beauty. 

What I love about this part of the movie is when the monkey replies to him. Simba says “it’s just my reflection” the monkey was trying to get Simbe to see that his father was alive. He says “Simba, look harder” only then does he see the reflection of his father in the water.  That’s because we have our parents in us. We are a reflection of what our parents have taught us. The parts of them that we choose to be, and the parts of us we let others see of us. This song says what I am trying to say to you. 

When I travelled across Australia I found my inner beauty, some people call it insecurity when they don’t allow someone to see inside them. I call it stubbornness, the longer we don’t let people see who we are is more time when we can’t truly bless someone. 

I hope you can become your Beautiful? I hope you choose to allow someone to see who you really are. I remember 20 years ago, I was walking threw Exeter. I had a little time to kill as I was going to get on a bus bk up to Lancashire. There was a guy begging, so I sat down next to him and opened my sandwich box. I turned to him offering him 1 of my 2 rolls. It was an unspoken moment that we shared, but I know he remembers it like I do. That’s called showing your inner beauty, not wanting anything in return just allowing someone to see how beautiful you are. 

The most precious gift in life is free, LOVE.

Have a great day

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