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For me all the way through cancer I have needed people around me that make me laugh, fortunately I have a wife with a great sense of humour. I have learnt to find things funny, I have learnt to feel comfortable laughing at myself. Good job really when you see the reflection I have to look at. I believe laughter disperses the weight that problems give to us. I believe all people should have a day a week where you spend it with people that can make you laugh like no one is watching. Spend time with people that you don’t care what happens whilst your with them because you can be yourself.

Us Boys make time every week to have what we call Pool night. Where we all hook up for a game of pool, and some food, it’s a time where we forget the weeks hassle and let your hair down. It’s so vital to our health that we make time for friends as well as the family we have. Friends are our tonic, they help keep us sane and walk our walk with us. These people you will find smiling at you whilst pushing you in the Limo when it’s broken down. These people will show you unconditional love, it’s a beautiful thing. Something I for one absolutely value. 

If you know someone that is fighting, give them a smile today. Go on you know it will be good for you to, don’t go to comfort go to laugh together like no one is watching. The down time will be remembered and appreciated.