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Whilst sat on my bed in royal Preston hospital waiting for my PET CT scan. My mind is imagining all of the different people that have sat where I am right now. I wonder how many people have had the good news that I hope to get, it’s so over whelming so much so it has upset me. Probably not in the way you think I may be upset. I am thinking of all the people who’s lives have been preserved because of the scanner I am going to go in. Where did they work, what did they do, where do they live. 
We are privileged here in Preston to have 1 of the 2 64 bit scanners that the UK has. We have so much to be thankful for, so many blessings that we have that we did not know we had. The families of the people that have been in here, what do they do. How did they get on. I am so grateful to still have my life, so thankful to have such a beautiful wife and family. Your life is precious isn’t it, don’t waste what you have thinking negatively. It never has a positive outcome. I would love to create this picture with my family….


I could be sat here thinking why do I have to do this, life’s unfair, but I believe in PMA a positive mental attitude. You can’t ever get depressed with a PMA, because it’s a way of life not a feeling. It’s something we choose. All the gifts God has given us are free, amazing that isn’t it. The birds, the trees, mountains, everything we see around us, I for one am so grateful for. 

There are some amazing people in this world, I hope you are one of them. People who really care, people that show compassion and concern. People like that are hard to find, that’s because it’s easier to do nothing. It’s easier to just walk on by, we make those choices everyday to do or not to do. It’s up to us, no one will make you it’s your choice to give or take. I personally find it far more rewarding to give and not take. It’s our choice what we do with our life. 

I have been my own worst enemy in the past, but now I want to befriend the guy in the mirror. I actually think he’s alright you know. Well it’s nearly time now, I have had my lorazepam now it’s just a case of getting it done. It will all be over in an hour. Have a great Tuesday.

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