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The day we have been working towards is here, this day will collate the imformation that they need to find out if all the chemo I have had,  has worked and kicked this little spineless life changing thing, that’s been named cancer. No doubt it has turned our worlds upside down, not just mine. All of my family have been affected, and my closest friends. So many others around the globe have been included in this marathon on Cancer stories ( support group ) people have been amazing. True friendships have been made stronger because of cancer. People have met each other because of it. No doubt people have even had relationships restored because of cancer.

So you see, cancer may be trying to take away but I believe any situation can be made positive. It’s just how we deal with it in our own minds. Along this journey we have made many friends, we have relationships that we know will stand the test of time because of thier efforts. Sadly we have realised that some people just don’t care. Full stop. Why is that? Maybe you have an answer but I don’t know why some people distance themselves. People locally have just been awesome, weeding the garden, cutting grass, and Karl Boardman has shown an amazing arm of strength for me. Even building a man shed next to my stream. My dad has sent me a text every day, showing how mum and dad are supporting us.

Cancer has been a real eye opener as to who is who. No doubt all of you reading have your own stories to tell, I would live to hear how others have been with you. I must have faith today as I go in that machine, and believe that I am healed, that I will never have to have chemo again. I want to rejoice with my whole family, so you see the importance of today. It could put the whole fight into perspective giving me longevity and a life that I would never have had without the help of all the health professionals to.

So here we go 12.45 appointment injection at 1pm then in the scanner at 2pm leaving the hospital around 2.45pm glowing like the boy on the ready brek advert in the 70’s

Thank you if you have been in this fight with us. Really thank you, your all important to us.


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