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Hi, how are you doing today? I want to talk to you about negatives today, what people say that discourages you. I also want to give you a thought about why that is, remember all I say are my opinions based on my experience.

You see that’s what a negative comment is, an opinion. The only reason we MAY think a comment negative is because it’s what we don’t want to hear? Is that the truth? Negative to me is when a person says can’t to me or words like never, or no. Having said that I accept the word no in this sentence. “You have no cancer” now that’s a negative I dearly want to hear.

What did you think when you saw the title of this blog? I bet you opened it anyway because I would. Why can’t we breed a people that say yes like the TSB. A people that say CAN not can’t DO instead of don’t. Well it boils down to what we are taught. Can I put it like this, The Lord’s Prayer. Is there a negative use of a word in the Lord’s Prayer? (Lead us NOT into temptation) I deem to be positive how about you? It’s a prayer we are taught to repeat every day as Christians. 

 In our house we use words like can, will, and am. We are determined to be positively positive. We do our best daily to encourage people around us, to offer solutions as opposed to finding a problem with every solution. Isn’t that easy to find a reason not to as opposed a reason to do. The real successful people on this planet like Richard Branson have nick names like “the yes man” words like wish are replaced with will. You see you choose with every decision to do or not to do. I chose to have chemo to save my life, so I could live more years. The hard way, it’s not easy to say yes all the time, in fact we say yes we take on more and seemingly make life harder. Do we not give pleasure to someone else by saying yes though. Is not someone’s life made better does it have to be ours? People love honesty, but people also like consideration to. 

 Remember a blog I wrote a while ago that talks about we are what we say we are. We have the power to bring up positive children to become a positive nation. But also grounded , informed, intelligent People. I tell you what I wish I had “Siri” or “Google” when I was growing up. We had scientific calculators that had more symbols on it than the Highway Code. A Rubix cube, and a 14″b/w tele, without a remote control. A video player had a wire leading to the control on the really good ones. The only way a boy found out about the female form, was in Kay’s catalogue, but wondered why a girl shirt was so small. At school you were most excited when there was a TV on a stand in the room. 

How different the world is today, I mean it really is. I pads will be laughed at in 30 years. What will the world look like then? Well I can’t tell you that, but what I can tell you is. Tomorrow never comes, so love with your whole heart today, give with out regret and most of all. Listen to those that are in your life. Oh and if you had to google video, it’s the old you tube.


Have a great day

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Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else.