UPDATE – WoW, what a day. The new oven arrived, we always get a new one when it needs a clean…😳 only kidding it was 4 years old. So today is the day that I also got a phone call from my doctor. Not just my doctor, my oncologist consultant to tell me what the scan results had to say. It is with tears, and overwhelming feelings that I can now say these words.
“I am cancer free” I can’t believe I am writing them myself, everything has come flooding back. The tests operations, procedures, and the many many hospital visits. How amazing it is to have beaten such a cruel disease. He says my bone marrow has recovered, the legions in my neck are no longer there. I am now in remission!!!!!!!!
Tonight we are going to celebrate, we are going to go out for food and drinks. Such a rarity these days.
I want to thank you all for being on this journey with me, for your support and encouragement. For the kindness you have shown to me and my amazing wife Andie. I guess it will take a little while to sink in, but I am thankful to each and everyone of you. Words are not enough, but if you were in front of me now I am sure you would be able to see the delight on my face. 
Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart.. 
Mark x