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Morning everyone, even though it’s just seemingly another day. For me this is no ordinary day. It’s a day where we (me and Andie) can look at each other and see the relief in our faces. We can see the strength that our relationship has in each other’s eyes. We feel relief and release knowing that together we have done all we can to beat cancer. How amazing my wife feels, it’s a beautiful thing to see that in someone’s face. The emotion that runs through our veins having beaten cancer together twice, must be over whelming. 

During this second journey I was completely the opposite to how I handled it last time. Sadly I did not want to speak to anyone, communicate about cancer in anyway. I locked myself away and only a few people knew what we were facing. It’s true to say, although I had to work very hard to get to this day with no cancer in my body. That no matter what the outcome was going to be I was absolutely committed to telling my story. I was passionate that people (men especially) would get anything sinister checked out thus saving lives. 

Cancer has the ability to take even your inner belief, your drive, passion, and ruin your life. We refused to allow that to happen, Andie has been so strong in this process. Now is the time for us to reaffirm why we are together. To rest together, walk on the sand together. To hold hands, and remind each other that we love each other. That cancer has been sent packing. It’s a phenomenal thing to have achieved, massive. Along the journey we have made many friends because we were open to Hearing Other People’s Experience. That’s what Cancer stories has helped us all by us Hearing other people’s Exsperience. = HOPE.  It’s give us all Hope. I have certainly had to learn to listen, I am always to quick to talk. Listening is a true skill and one I am trying to perfect. 

There are so many things to be grateful for, but the people around us that give us hope, they are priceless. You have the ability to give someone hope, you have the potential to encourage someone so much they choose life. They decide because of you to be a better them. I was told the other day (constructively) that my blogs are repetitive repetative. I am not so sure they are, but what I do know is that they give hope to someone every day. That’s gotta be worth doing right? So I will continue regardless. My cancer may be gone but the journey continues. Your don’t all of a sudden lose all your side effects when your told your in remission. 

So today I ask YOU this. Will you give someone hope today, listen to them and help someone to realise there is hope for them to. Everyone has had experiences that can benefit others, it’s our job to listen to them.

Have a great day


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