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Morning, it’s Sunday morning and we are still stunned by the news. The emotions that have been flowing through my body, has quite literally meant I have not been able to focus on writing my blog. I have sat here on a number of occasions, trying togather my writing mo Jo back. I feel that my Jo has got up and moved on. I am even looking in my drafts at the dozen blogs I have yet to finish. Alas it’s just not there, getting the all clear has kinda stumped me. I don’t have to fight any more, I don’t have to have nasty sessions of chemo and there is nothing to focus on. Well nothing that needs determination, nothing that needs tanasity or inner strength.

It’s like there has been a power cut and there is silence where there once was a huge party. I don’t even know if I am making sense. What I am finding out however is that more people have been reading my journey than I thought. I am getting messages from all over the world congratulating me, and some close to home that I didn’t even know where reading. It’s quite humbling to have all of this reaction, no one has delivered my ACshelby cobra though yet… I feel honoured if that’s the right word to have been able to share this journey kicking cancers butt. 

I will tell you though, there were times when I thought stuff it, no one reads anyway. I fought with myself to make me write, believing every day that it’s just 1 person I needed to encourage and I did not need to know that that person had read it, I had to believe it by faith. Seems I was right to do that, but you had a part to play. The stats for this blog dropped severely at times, and I really battled to dig deep and carry on. I have challenged myself to write every day for a year. We are now 120 plus days in, a third of the way you may say. I will continue but I am unsure of the path I will go down as far as topics are concerned. I assure you though that I WILL. Just by reading you spur me on, so while you keep enjoying I will keep blogging.

Have a great bank holiday weekend, and remember. You only live twice.

All the best


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