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Morning, some films are a complete and utter inspiration. We as humans can get inspiration from anywhere if we choose to look for it. Me and Andie watched one of my favourite films today. “The worlds fastest Indian” a film I love to watch. It’s one of those against the odds movies. A movie that makes you want the outcome to be a positive one. The man called Bert, played by Anthony Hopkins, sees the man embark on a seemingly ridiculous journey. He has built a bike that was supposed to do 54mph when first made, and hopes to achieve 200mph on it. The trouble is that there is 8000 miles between him and the place on earth he would try to make this record happen. 

The man was completely and utterly determined to make it happen, against all the odds and suffering many setbacks he day after day pursued his passion, believing that he would achieve his goal. Many people tried to stop him, discourage him. Make him feel inadequate. But nothing had an effect, he pressed on regardless. This true storey is an inspiration to many, giving me anyway a reason to fight. It encouraged me when I was down and out to carry on. It encouraged me to not quit, to peruse a cancer free life.

The movie can be related to any persons quest to triumph in adversity, anyone can achieve what they set out to do if the do not quit. If they stand when it seems impossible to stand, to fight when there seems to be no strength left within you. It’s a tale of courage, of human achievement. You don’t have to be interested in a piece of machinery to get something out of it. All you have to do is be willing to say the words “I WILL” what ever effort you make, whatever the outcome. It’s amazing what can be achieved by saying I WILL.  WE ARE MASTERS OF OUR OWN DESTINY. 

Listen to this track today and believe that “you can” believe it and reach for the sky and make it happen. Put a step forwards and pursue what ever your dream is. Don’t let anyone hold you back, just keep moving forwards no matter what. Finding solutions along the way. When your tired rest, when your hungry eat. But never give up! Ever!

I hope you have a good week.


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