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Written on wed 2nd sept.

Today is a special day, it didn’t start out a special day at all. My wife’s in Ireland, I am home alone but it’s pool night tonight which is great. I had my blood tested a week ago as I had a rash on my body, but it was consultant day today. I had called the hospital, and they sad it was ok for the cancer specialist nurse to phone me in the afternoon. Now you have to know that my specialist nurse is lovely, I trust her, believe what she tells me is for my own good. I feel love towards her, and feel her passion for people.

  I spent hours in this room, and owe my life to all the medical staff that work here.
She called me at about 4 pm, I love hearing her voice it’s a nice kind tone. She talked me through my blood test, and explained most things were back to normal. As she talked with me she exsplained about the transplant. Saying that they don’t send people for them unless they are aiming for cure, now I  am not soft but I hung on that word cure. Like a lobster had its tea in its claws. She went on to exsplained that in the main, people that have a relapse after a transplant generally do in the first 100 days. Now whilst I am not stupid and know that it’s possible to relapse anytime. It was comforting to know that the odds had gone up in my favour. 

As she talked explaining different parts of what my side effects were, I found myself wondering if there was anything I could do to higher my chances even more. The next sentence has rung true in my head over and over again. She said these words.

“Of course you have to be careful, just like you have and will be. Mark, you have a life to live now, you can’t wrap yourself up in cotton wool any more. Your cured”! Well it took a while before those words really hit home. That cure is what was being aimed for and I have to believe it’s it.. About an hour later I became a blithering wreck. 

All the faith, we had. The love and support from my family, and friends. But most of all ( and it’s still there) the warmth I feel inside that my wife does not have to worry about me having cancer any more. Ok I get it will always be in our minds but we are free to enjoy life. We are free to enjoy a life that we have together… Wow it’s just amazing it really is.  How free I feel inside, my next visit to the hospital after my lung function on Thursday will be 22nd October  I can’t tell how I feel, but everyone should feel like this once in their life. It’s a feeling of total satisfaction, like no more could have been done. We did our best and it was good enough.

A special thank you to each and everyone of you that has and still there for us. Your amazing.

A really grateful CURED….


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