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So in part 1 I had set off on my travels and had gotten to esperance without the boring Swedish girls. I stopped 1 night in a backpackers and when went onto the YHA where I met quite a few people. I hooked up with a German girl who wanted to do a bit of sight seeing. So we spent 1 day driving around the beautiful coves of the Esperance national park. It was a breath taking place, and virtually unspoilt. It certainly did not have many tracks. It was mostly Virgin ground, that looked as though it had never been walked on before. At that moment I would say it was as close to the most amazing place I had been to on earth. Although I was still saying that the Gower pernincular was a very close first.

  I clambered on the rocks in the distance.
  This picture means nothing to you, but this was the yha where I stayed in 2003

  How awesome is the internet. All the pictures that I lost have been taken by other people and Google finds them for me. This is where I met Martin George. He has a son called Nathan, he started a company that I named for him called B natural. There was another couple I met there who will be in thier late 80,s now should they be alive. From the YHA we made our way to Norseman where I would watch the famous Rugby World Cup 12 years ago. These camels were there when I was there all that time ago.

  I think they must have had lots of corrugated sheets left over, after a roofing job. Such is the spirit of Ozzys. They made some camels out of the remaining pieces.. What else would you do hey. So me and Martin went to find where to watch the rugby World Cup final that was being played in Oz, but sadly I was taking my time and enjoying my journey across Australia. So we had to find a TV to watch it on. The Ozzys faced the English Lions in the World Cup final.  It was a bit surreal as we looked for a bar, there was a population of 900 in Norseman and mainly people either worked trucks, mines or were road workers. What ever they did they were real tough types, but back then I was fit and strong and afraid of nothing really.

Tumble weed rolled across the road as we walked and there were no people what so ever to talk to. There were 2 pubs and only 1 was open. The one we walked in had those cowboy type doors that were swinging slatted doors, which lead straight into the bar. Well the mystery of where all the people were had been solved. There was about 90 people in there. In we walked, I had a cross on each cheek put on by a girl at the backpackers. Every single person looked at us as we walked in. Just as the game was about to start. We were about 2 hours away from seeing that final kick from Johnny wilkinson to give us a 20-17 victory over the Ozzys. Many people bought me and Martin a drink that night and it was most certainly a fun packed afternoon/evening. It was like being in another time zone being in that town. The next stage of our journey would involve a drive across the desert called the nullabor. Which translated means nil tree.  

  Next time we do a travelling story, I will tell you how the 1150 km of desert treated me.
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