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Wow I can’t believe it’s my birthday. 46 was a horrid year and 1 quite frankly I would like to forget. However there have been some amazing friendships made in recent months, some amazing people have come along to help us get through that aweful year. Now I have woken up and the realisation that I have reached this mile stone has arrived. I am laid with my wife ( she has the day off) our cat Jenson is by my feet and our jealous Labrador is between us and refuses to let us hug such is her jealous nature.  

 It has to be a blog to say thank you, to tell you all how much I appreciate you, for sharing my blogs, for caring for me. Being considerate towards us whilst we have had this huge mountain to climb. My the view is amazing, it’s a view of quality people and as me and a good friend say. It’s a place full of “proper” folk. 

Rejoice with me today, we are off out for the day no idea where yet, but trust me we are gonna have a great day. We are going to smile lots, laugh lots, and hug lots. I want to celebrate the fact I have a life, thank you for making me mum and dad. If your going to give me anything today, make someone’s day somehow. By a smile, a comment, by doing something nice for someone that you would not do normally. Bless someone, not for reward. Simply because you can. Tell us about it, it will warm many hearts. Including mine.

Now have a great birthday because my birthday is yours to. Enjoy with me.

Have a great day.

Mark 😊😊

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