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Good morning, it’s the day after my birthday which is a great relief to have made it this far relatively unscathed. Someone said to me recently that my blogs are a bit repeative. That I keep sending the same message out everyday. I guess the person is right to a degree because what I do write I aim to be positive and uplifting as I want to encourage others in their fights what ever that may be. It does not have to be cancer to need Self belief. We all have the ability to be able to have it, it’s just some people Choose not to believe in themselves. Maybe like someone I know, you have been told often that you would not amount to much by some insecure bully, which makes self belief all the harder to manage.

I want to tell you how I believe in what I can do even if I have never done it. Whilst facing cancer everything we had put before us was exsteme, it was hard energy zapping and seemingly negative. I set myself a goal, the goal I set was to become cancer free. To be able to look at my wife on my birthday cancer free to be able to start living as opposed to continue dying. No matter how bleak that day is/was I focused on that and going away. The long term goal that I had I never ever waivered from believing I would beat it.

You see for me, as some of you know I thought it had not left me when I was in remission the first time. Apparently this is called fractured remission. That’s when the medics thinks it’s gone but the patient does not feel it. 

I was on holiday with the lads last year, it was overshadowed in my head by the fact that I had a lump come back in my neck. The appointment to see the consultant was on my return, although it was a great holiday I never totally relaxed. Even though there was a black cloud over me I still believed I had the fight in me to beat it. It was a daily thing, believing I would win. No matter what blocks were put in my way I was and did believe in myself every day. Where that strength came from I do not know, but what I do know is that it’s now Gone. That holding the touch of self belief was worth it. 

The look on my wife’s face to have me with her yesterday was heart warming, we met a great couple whilst out for lunch with their English bulldog Frank…. Wow that dog knows how to give an ear a deep cleanse that’s a fact. Great moments that we enjoy because we chose to endure the treatment. I hope if your fighting and your reading this, that you are able to believe in the goal that you set yourself and make it happen. I believe the power of prayer is underestimated, that people can and will help you on your way if you believe. I guess some may think it’s a bit of a cliche, if you do then maybe you have not had to dig so deep to stay alive. If that’s the case, seize your day  because it’s a gift to be alive and well. How much more those words mean to our family now. “Alive and well” Awesome.

Have a great day,