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Morning…. What pool night means to me. Well I have to go a long way back and remind myself how it all started. It goes back as far as a birthday celebration that involved a week in bowness celebrating with my wife. Me and Andie always have allot of fun together, no matter what there is always laughter, on this particular night it was a meal for two in the hotel surrounded by OAPs and one couple about our age, well younger but it makes me feel younger to feel I am similar age to them. We invited Chris and Lisa Dale to sit with us and have a glass of wine after food.  Little did we know that our friendship would develop over the years. How important they would become in our lives, making friends with Chris’s friend Johnny as a consequence. I know you can’t have everything.

I find it amazing, how many people are involved in that circle because of that week it’s astounding. 

Now every Wednesday the lads all hook up and have pool neet, as we call it. Chris does not come but Johnny does, a grumpy old school friend comes, the BMW salesman, sometimes a plasterer, a holiday salesman, and our humble ginger, dyslectic gardener/friend/family I choose comes to.  They are great company, and although some can be argumentative, it’s always allot of fun. It’s fun as long as my concrete lions are left where they live…

I tell you this story because in my opinion it vital to have a day where you can let your hair down. Ours is pool neet, we don’t have to be a certain way, no one worries about upsetting anyone. We just have fun. I think everyone needs a night like this in their week Wednesday has turned Ito our new Friday night. Friendships that develop like that can take many years. How glad we are that we bumped into Chris and Lisa 8 years ago. You may not see each other every day. But 1 fact is, that they have encouraged me in the darkest times. 

True friends are hard to find, but having cancer shows you who will truly be there for you. Make sure you include those that truly matter in your life. Because you only have one. Thank you to all of you that have propped us up in these hard days. You have helped me and Andie immensely.

Have a great weekend


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