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Morning, it’s tough this challenge sometimes getting inspiration for 365 completely different blogs and keeping them interesting. I know many folk have been really interested in my cancer journey. Because let’s have it right. Cancer has touched most of us in some way or another. It’s something nasty, something horrible to face, it’s a negative process. So why my cancer story, why choose that to write about. Well here is the truth, I realised that I was facing death for the second time at 46. Now being a positive person, someone whose glass is half full, I will not accept negativity in my life. I won’t listen, I walk away from people that like to moan and groan.

Mainly, because I realise how short life is. Me and Andie love doing anything together these days as we realise how important this life is. How many opportunities there are in this world. People see problems, but I see solutions. Solutions are amazing, they change your life. Problems make us sluggish and weighed down, where as a solution brings freedom. They bring happiness and laughter, they make things better and more effective. 

During my 145 posts I have drawn on what life was throwing at me. I had no choice to NOT have cancer, but I had a choice to beat cancer. Many of you have watched how I have fought, watched how I have dealt with the many situations that I have found myself in. Both me and Andie have grown in the process, not just together but as individuals. We have started to value things more, like faith, and our home. Our true friends have become our family, believing that we no longer have friends. They are the family we choose, the people we trust, we try to find the best in people and skip over mistakes others may have made. We effectively choose to be positive about others. We (try) to see the best in our family friends, and help where we can. 

My inspiration comes from turning negatives into positives, aiming to use what ever experience I/we have to encourage and maybe even inspire someone. My aim is that every blog I write inspires one person a day, which is why I keep writing, because people are being affected in a positive way. I know because people tell me directly. I just love doing what I am doing right now, and actually don’t think before writing that I have enjoyed something so much in the whole of my life before. 

I look for positive statements in my daily life, and if I don’t find any (which is rare) then I tell you something I think you may like to hear about like my travelling across Australia. When I wake up each morning and see my radiant wife’s face, I am filled with joy that we have another day cancer free. Yep cancer free, it’s amazing this life we have. Today we will be at the airport looking around Concorde doing something different. So no prizes for guessing what tomorrow’s blog will be about. 

So now you know how I get my inspiration, I wonder how many other bloggers will have been inspired in turn by reading this. I hope many, because all I want to do for the rest of my days is encourage others to do, or have hope in what ever it is that you want to do with your life. I hope you have a great Sunday. 

All the best


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