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Extraordinary, incredible, a technical master piece. Aviation excellence. Just a few words to discribe the machine that is Concorde. The trip arranged by my wife, as a birthday present, would show me what man made possible with technology from the 1960’s and quite possibly the most amazing plane ever created. Apparently we were to see the 2 story Airbus a380 take off at 2.30 whilst having our gammon and chips, and fish and chips like my wife had. Sourounded by pleasant people, and Andies work colleagues. Unfortunately I only saw the back of the plane, as we forgot to look out the window on take off.

The start was like being 8 again, as not only was the plane in service by then, but I had ended up in a room with 36 other people in a class room like set up.with one of those teles on wheels, like you saw in junior school when you were about to have a lesson, you actually enjoyed.  A man stood at the front and introduced himself, who I later found out, was the pilot of Concorde on a number of trans Atlantic flights. Wow what a privalage to be in the company of a man, that when he was 47 was captain of this amazing craft.

After learning that the engine did not fail on concordes last flight, but a rupture caused, by a piece titanium that had fallen off another plane causing the fuel to ignite on the planes exhaust. Thus causing a lose of power and the pilot to shut down one of the engines. Which then meant the 198tonne fully loaded plane had not enough thrust to remain airborne.

Then we went into the hanger where Concorde is, this is what your greeted with. 

 we learnt all sorts about the plane, how it flew at a maximum speed of 1350mph completing the London to New York journey in 3hrs 20 mins… Flying at 60,000 ft. 

Accelerating was 0-250mph in 40 seconds. I have remembered allot of facts about this plane, including the fact that my wife’s uncle and untie have flown in it. On entering the plane it was like one of those small planes with two seats either side of the Isle. Not really impressive looking. Although rolls Royce had recovered all the seats in 2002 at a cost of £16000 per seat. Made from composites such as, titanium, and carbon and trays that were level in flight not on land.

We were told of certain peoples seats, I myself sat where our longest serving monarch used to sit. Our very own queen Elizebeth 11 . Where Maggie sat, the list of people that had flown on this machine was endless. Sadly my name was not on that list. Nor was my wife’s, but we had the opertunity to see it and meet a pilot that flew this bird in the 70’s. A chance to sit in the pilots seat, and ask the very man that had flewn this plane questions. Showing us dials like the Mach metre, I mean how cool is that as an 8 yr old, I am 47 and still found that a desirable dial for my car… This was what I could see.

The whole day was amazing, making me realise how a little more just what me and Andie have achieved by beating cancer again. We have a life together, and I assure you. WE are gonna live it to the best of our ability. The world is amazing.

Have a great week. 


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