Just had a read of a couple of posts that I had put up. It’s good reminding myself of the journey..

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

In isolation kicking cancers butt is a pretty daunting thing to attack, your mind gets used in ways you have never had to use it before. I find myself at times closing my eyes and drifting off to places I have loved with my wife, friends and family. Going to holiday locations in my mind, places where I felt happy and not sad. The day I picked our Labrador up Faith. Remembering how much of a blessing she is and has been to us. You see for me, I have not had Cancer once, I have had it twice. Endured 3 periods of intensive chemotheropy consisting of 30 days of actual chemo.

Now I don’t say this to make you feel in anyway sorry for me, quite the opposite. I want to encourage you that what you experience is not always going to drag you to the bottom of despair…

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