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Morning, how are you today? It’s a funny old place to find yourself, having a storey to tell. My mind is full of gratitude for the NHS. My heart is full of gratefulness to have beaten cancer again, I feel a love towards others fighting. My heart is to help other people get checked out and hope they get into remission as well. Everyone that has faced cancer, are some of the bravest people on earth. Pioneers emerge like “Steve Prescott” Although Steve lost his life after the pioneering surgery, his name will live on because he was willing to put himself under the knife, in turn paving the way for others lives to be saved.  I love hearing about people like that, people that have a giving heart. I was getting a take away yesterday, and the LEP was there on the counter. With our storey in it, the man said to me “that’s you isn’t it” “how much you get for doing that” he said.

It was like someone had stuck a pin in me, I did not even think of making money out of the article. Only that I hoped a life would be saved. That’s all I want, for others to exceed the life expectancy by stepping forwards, fighting and winning. No one but the cancer sufferer knows how hard cancer is, and like my dear friend at the Indian said ” I didn’t know what chemo was until my dad had it” it’s time for unity. Time for us all to pull together no matter what our religious beliefs. It’s time to stand together, to work together to help more people choose to beat cancer. 

It is a choice after all, after diagnosis the person chooses to take what life is left for them or to have the gruling treatment. Obviously I chose to be treated and WON, I am not in persute of financial gain. Just the look on a persons face that says “I won” you see when you have won many battles to eventually win the WAR. It consumes you, it energises you to want that for others. I want to encourage you today, what ever your facing. That you have what you have, so use it to benefit someone else. Give without wanting anything in return. You will be blessed but maybe not with a new Ferrari. Maybe it’s life with out cancer will be your gift, you won’t find out unless you stretch out your arm to help someone else.

Of course there will always be that person that thinks about how much. But remember that’s how that persons brain works, we learn to be compassionate. Then we choose to be compassionate or not, allot of people are driven by money. I was guilty of it to before I realised that no matter what life is the most precious gift of all. What will you do with yours? 

Giving is such a selfless thing to do.

Have a great day