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Morning, I am just remembering a holiday we went on, it was a holiday in Morocco staying at a hotel called “the mazagan” I would say it’s one of the nicest hotels on the planet, with a 7 mile beach, beds on the beach they called ( a little house ) the food amazing, service was exsqusit, and the class of people was one I did not recognise. Never had I or my family growing up seen anything of this kind.. It was a huge treat as my wife had wanted to go somewhere else. But found this place on offer.

The hotel was amazing, with an F1 style go-kart track archery, and a football training pitch for PSG  non of all that mattered to me all I wanted was for my wife to relax. For her to completely forget reality. She used a hammock, whilst I watched the F1 British Grand Prix, she was sent water and mohitos. Me and my wife are great together we allow each other to be who we are. Nothing fake, just us. Being who we are, rather than trying to please. It’s better to be real I think.

There was food there from all over the world, including a sushi bar. The standard of food was great, nothing to complain about at all.. One night we had been watching a World Cup football match in the main bar by the casino. There were a few guys in football tops there who I ended up, chatting to in broken English. We were in the bar for a while till 1 am my wife had since gone to bed a hour prior. I made jokes, and generally did silly stuff for fun with them. The lads either late teens or early twenties were in stitches laughing. I had no idea why. It was not till some time later, like a couple of weeks ago. That I realised who PSG were. I didn’t think they were anyone special, just people that communicated laughter with. I am not a big football fan at all, but don’t mind watching  a good game. Although many other sports would get a look in first. Basically anything with an engine.

 We saw them again the next day, as they walked past on the way to the training pitch. I was calling out and waving and they were waving and smiling back. It’s amazing though that they just treated me normally. I think that they were all very surprised that I did not want anything from them. For me the reality of being kind to people is what I love. Maybe if had known (which my wife did) I would have made an effort to get an autograph or two. 

So what’s the point in today’s blog, well today was just about remembering because I can. Because I am alive, a survivor of cancer and a winner in life where the odds were stacked heavily against me. Be the best you there is, because what’s the point in second best.

Have a great day


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