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fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

Every itch, every spot, every abnormality on my skin. Anything that appears not right, you wonder. You wonder if it will return, you feel torcher day and night. It’s a fear I try to dilute with positivity, with giving to others. I try not to be scared, but sometimes when I feel itchy I remember all the hospital visits and the pain that caused. The ulcers, the sickness, the weakness, the crushed passion that I have inside me. Today I was in the pallet shed with Karl and we began to talk about our dreams, we spoke about building our dream homes. The missed opertunities along the journey of life, or some might say the choices we have made become consequences. Or just maybe you are meant to be here.

Maybe it was all supposed to happen, and what will be will be. Why worry when you can be happy…

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