I can’t tell you the emotion I feel right now, we have just taken off on that holiday that I fought so hard to be on. I don’t think anyone has noticed the tears rolling down my face. It’s such a roller coaster this road. I am remembering all the times I imagined the sea in front of me in my mind, all the times I imagined sitting on the end of the jetty with my friend Chris, many many times and now we are just hours away from that being a reality. All the people that have been there for me, keep flashing before my face (minds eye) all the names of the people on CS that have sent supportive messages and love towards me and my wife. 
Life is such an amazing gift, I know I say it often but it’s so precious. We are all walking talking miracles.

There is only 1 toilet that works on this crammed plane, people are moaning about the lack of space and the clostrafobic feeling. The reality is we are off on holiday, and have to put up with a small space for a short time. Being in isolation makes these situations seem like a breeze.
Hope you have had a good week.
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