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Not even a look.
We were at a location where Syrians had set up a camp just outside of our resort. Frightening to think there is poverty like that in the world. There were many walking up and down with signs written in the native language. At first I was afraid not knowing what would come of it, as looking on the news there seemed to have been issues. Non of the Turkish people seemed bothered. But as I saw them more and more I decided to look them in the eye.

Many people just ignored them including me, how shameful to not even wish them well. When I did look at the man in the suit jacket wearing a red scalf hat and a full face of hair, carrying his daughter. His wife in toe. My heart was filled with compassion and even found myself able to relate to his plight having faced serious situations myself fighting cancer.

I knew just by his eyes that he was desperate, he was not trying to gain money. Just to survive, to keep his family safe. Reaching into my pocket, I dragged out a couple of notes knowing he would at least be able to eat that night. I felt warmth from him as our eyes met. You could see his sincerity. People all have blood running though their veins no one chooses where they are born. But we choose how to treat them. It does not always need to be about money.
One thing is for sure though, I know I will remember the look on his face. A look of kindness can mean so much yet is overlooked on many occasions. But for me, to make a person feel good is not only free and a blessing. It’s needed to feel that compassion.

Have a great day and I hope you choose to give that look in the eye.


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