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As you get older, you realise how valuable life is. Yet as young people we don’t realise the value what so ever. Well I didn’t anyway. People always said to me, “eat your veg” I never did much proberbly a contribution to my cancer. 10 years ago I made no consideration to my welfare, I was not afraid of much and just did. I gave it all or nothing there was no in between. I guess I am still a little like it now, although I would prefer it if I would be more considered. 

Having fought for a life you learn what you need to do to preserve it, and quite obviously I do need to more careful now than ever before. When I was in Turkey feeling ill, I felt like a seal stranded on a piece of ice surrounded by killer whales. I got really scared, insecure, and sad. Because I knew I would have to go home and leave my friends. It’s a consequence of a vicious fight, that I won. The hardest fight anyone will face is to beat illness and maintain your health. It’s worth it though. As someone on Our Cancer Stories group said today, read read read. We are uneducated with regards to preventing our bodies from malfunction. 

If we educate ourselves surely we will higher our chances of beating disease. Trouble is you more seseptable to stuff when you have had chemo! your immune system is compromised and your much more likely to catch something else. It seems to me that plants heal you, yea I know I am sounding all hippi but I think there is some mileage in it. The fact that I came back from Turkey with a cold and it has nearly gone says allot to me. 3 days of eating greens and fruit and the lemon tonic prescribed by nurse Andie. I am starting to feel lots better and feel confident that we will be able to do and go where we need to in the next couple of weeks. 

For me a party is awesome, I love it. But not one that compromises a already compromised immune system.thats how I think now, it’s a change. But really there is only one word that’s changed for me, that is respect for myself. Respect for my family, and friends that I won’t put myself in a compromising situation that will make me ill again. Life is to important, it’s not a game it’s a privalage to be here. I am educating myself, helping myself to understand what things do my body good. Surely what ever is growing in the ground has the answers to restoration to our bodies. That plants have enzymes in them that would float around our blood fighting off illness. Combined with everything in moderation, we give ourselves longevity. Let me tell you, longevity is what I am looking for now. Ways to sustain me longer and help others do the same.

You are precious, but only you can treat you right. It’s up to you what you put in your body, I have replaced doughnuts with an interesting salad. Made from rocket leaves, sweet chilli peppers, chopped cheese, tomatoes, crayfish tails, and a bit of balsamic vinegar. Gotta be better for me as a snack, I am losing weight in the last 3 days I am not trying but cutting out bread has helped as well. It’s our choice how we treat ourselves and it’s never to late to change our habits to give us a better chance is there. 

Have a great week.


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