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I have come across many different characters in my colourful life, non more stubborn than my friend cancer. I was talking to a new friend yesterday who said something very interesting to me. He said that ” I told cancer if you kill me you’re dead too. Don’t kill me and I won’t kill you. Now that’s an interesting way of looking at it. An acceptance that cancer can live with you, but by not eating saturated fats, sugar products created by man, and processed food. Cancer does not grow, but has enough to be sustained. I don’t know if that would work for me as I prefer the eviction approach. But I guess some of you reading will relate to this brand new (for me) way of dealing with cancer. For me this way the war is never won, because everyday you have to outwit cancer. By not allowing it to have the food it craves. One slip up and it will start to grow some more.

My way was to totally rid my body of the disease, although now I am finding new ways of keeping cancer away. My not giving it a reason to be here at all. Cancer is not really into fruit sugars, nor is it into whole grain rice, or vegetables, ginger. It was mentioned to eat vegetables the colour of the rainbow daily. There again is another way as apposed to just as my mum says (“eating your greens”) there are so many different tasty vegetables out there. Sweet chilli, beetroot, asparagus, green beans, red,yellow,orange,and green peppers. The list is endless non needs to be boring.

Winning the war is about maintaining a life style that cancer hates. Cancer loves couch potatoes, it loves smokers, it loves people that do nothing, it loves fats and sweet things, it loves sweetness. It loves anything that’s not natural. 

In winning the war against cancer, we need to say “I WILL” we have to get up and go and do. Changing the way we lived and giving our bodies new foods and excercise. This does not always work in our bodies, but mainly. It’s about giving yourself the best chance at life,  whilst enjoying life at the same time. After all what’s the point in living half a life. There are many many battles that need to be won to win the war against cancer. The secret is to win each 1 before starting the next one, never looking at the que of battles just the one you are in. I say it like this on a hot sunny day, the ice cream man is always busy. The way to get through the day, is to smile at the person you are serving never looking at the que. eventually the que will be no more. You just gotta keep on doing, no matter what.

As rocky says, 

The battles I speak of are mine, the battle you have today maybe slightly different. But the ethos is the same, you will use the same ideas to get through the battle you face. Eventually winning your own war, if that be against addiction your addicted to, or something that’s addicted to your life style. They are all things that can be changed. What we say is what we are, saying I WILL, gives nothing else a chance. YOU CAN, and I hope you believe that. YOU CAN WIN. Say those words to your inner self. I gave up smoking  5 months ago and was sourounded by smokers in Turkey. That was another battle I won, you can. But you don’t know till you try.

Have a great weekend


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