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Our bodies are quite literally the most amazing thing we own, we truly are. This morning I have been giving THE most amazing information which quite frankly has amazed me. We all know that chemotherapy kills cancer, we also know that our body learns how to do what ever we tell it to do. Oops sorry you did not know that? It’s as my friend says in Australia. “We are what we eat” how many of you actually know what this means? Do you know that our bodies actually renew our cells every 3 months? It gets used to the way we live, the way we feed it and because it knows pretty much what your gonna put in there it kind of goes on auto pilot. That is until we teach it a new way.

That’s right our bodies will only do what we tell it.. We tell it how to be by what we eat, just watch this short video before we carry on.


Your in the control seat, taking it further by looking at what your balanced diet consists of. Now whilst you may think I am some kind of nut job that’s on a soap box. All I am doing is looking at ways to save myself and passing on what I have learnt to the people that have chosen to read what titterings I write. My mission is to beat cancer, not only beat it like I have twice. But learn how to keep it away for good. Living a clean cancer free life day to day. Helping others to become educated as I want to myself, it’s not easy learning a new way when the old was has been your whole life. But the thing that Spurs me on (mainly) is how scary being in isolation was. It has definetley changed who I am, I am more determined to avoid that situation than ever before. “I will survive” the song for me is me speaking to cancer. Whilst my friend Rob may disagree, I will not live with cancer, I want a life free from cancer.  Listen to the words I speak to cancer through this song.

I want to take many others with me on my journey, ridding my body of the disease is just the start. So let’s put it like this. Sport, a world champion. This person has dedicated their life to being the best, on becoming the best they have to maintain momentum. They have to remain determined, and follow a strict diet and programme to remain there. It’s not just them either, it’s the team of people this person has around them. They all need to be doing their bit, keeping focus, maintaining fitness and a whole host of other things. This is what’s needed in our bodies, we effectively become wold champions when we beat cancer. But we need to maintain momentum so we keep it away. That our bodies are not an attractive place to be anymore. So it walks out the door. Cancer finds it difficult to live where there are no saturated fats and processed sugars. 

My blogs won’t always be about nutrition, but there has to be a time we discuss it as our bodies are made up of what we shovel in. 

Just food for thought, let me know what you think?

Have a great weekend

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