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What’s the point in knowing the answers and doing nothing about it. It’s a shame you know, how some folk always have someone else to blame. It’s never the fault of the person, it’s always the system at fault or such and such a bodies fault. Well how about, it’s our life and the buck stops with us. If we don’t help ourselves how will we be the best we can be. The NHS is filled with people that don’t help themselves, people that are not thinking about anything else apart from what they want. The booze, fags, kebabs, fatty foods. I am horrified to say I was one of those people, one of the people that went out on a Thursday, a Friday,Saturday, and Sunday night. Yup that was unfortunately my life, maybe I craved it because I was sheltered from it as a child growing up. Maybe I thought it was cool, but what ever way you cut it I did not help myself.

 Helping yourself starts with liking, then loving who you are. Looking in the mirror and respecting yourself enough to want to become a better person. To love yourself enough that you can help someone else. I know what it’s like to be on both sides of the fence, But I do now know that to love yourself is like the most precious gift you can give to yourself. There is no way of doing stuff to benefit your future If your in self destruct mode. The other thing is people don’t see you as a friend, they see you as a burden. The only way to improve life is by starting with you, but believing in you and treating yourself well. Stop giving yourself a hard time, start giving yourself you time. Time where you can find the real you, the you that’s beneficial to others.

I actually went out looking for me, I travelled from one side of Oz to the other giving myself time to think, cogitate and reflect on who I really wanted to be. Finding the true inner me with no distractions, just me and the road so to speak. I found who I didn’t want to be and who I wanted to be. I found I had qualities that I never knew were there. When I was in a good place, a place where I not only believed in myself, but loved myself to. That would be the time to meet the girl that is now my wife, it’s great to be a part of a team where we can always find something positive to say and do. But all we now do is to be a better us, not a richer or wealthier us. A better us, when you decide to be better it’s like a miriacle happens. You see the world in a different light, because you don’t think selfishly. You start to think of situations in others shoes. You start putting yourself in their situation so you can understand better where they are at.

All of the above and much more helps us to keep our mental health good, hey I am not saying we have it right, but I am saying that we have it better . It’s about waking up and being a better person today than yesterday, it’s about not looking at the circumstances. But concentrating on the part of you, that you want to improve. The circumstances will always be there, the excuses will always be there. Your choice is what will you choose to get in your way, or what will you choose to overcome. It’s all about mind set and the choices you make. Be kind to yourself.

Have a great week.


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