Everything that has happened, has been recorded. Everything we are going to do will be recorded, our choice is to record what we want to, knowing it will take its place in history. I often think of things that have happened in the recorded section of my brain, I tend to press play on the ones I do, to try and benefit our future. No point pressing play on a time that will be of no help. The things that have happened we can’t change, but the things we are going to do we choose to do or not to do. It’s our choice in the end. It’s also our choice to press pause. You are the master of your own destiny, no one else can take the blame. You can not say it’s his or her fault, it’s your choice. Your life and you choose how you live your own life your way.

It winds me up big time when people judge others because it’s not what they would do. It even winds me up when I do it myself, I always Grrr to myself when I do it. Because let’s face it we all do, but I want to be better than that, I want to be able to press play and remember with pride what I have or have not done. Like coming home from my lads holiday, I am proud that I did that for my own health sake. For me what would be the point in fighting cancer, to throw it all away for a few nights of laughter. NON.

It’s about BEING the best I can be, not trying to do anything. There is no try, only do or do not. It sounds so weak to me when I hear someone say “I will try” what does that mean anyway. Try!?! Do or choose to not do, that’s where your winning and loosing is done right there. By choosing to do the right thing. Remember this though, if someone thinks what you do do is the wrong thing, that’s their opinion which does not make it right or wrong. The most important is how you feel about it, someone else’s opinion is actually non of yours or my business. We should concentrate on our own recordings of our own moments that are created, in our own library to be proud of.

My friend the other day made a very valid point that if we are to forgive others we need to forgive ourselves to. I accept that and forgive myself for any of my recorded past that I am not happy with, knowing that they are cast as far as the East is from the west. Because I am forgiven, I believe there is only one that has forgiven us for what some call sins. I like to call them recordings, because in my opinion some of them are actually great to play time and time again. Whoever is not me that disagrees is also their recording, and I have no right to judge their path. One bigger than me will do that on a day that has not yet been recorded.

I hope you have fun this weekend recording memories you will play over and over.