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Many times when I have been walking down the street as a single man, wondering if I should stop and turn around and tap the girl with the amazing face and long flowing hair, and most amazing fragrance on the shoulder. My oh my, how glad I am that I didn’t, how glad I am that I am with the girl I am with today. 17th July 2004 was an amazing day. A day that changed our lives, a day where we both knew life would not be the same again. What an amazing gift love is, how very precious. We only ever get one chance “today” it’s amazing how 2 people can have faced so much, yet be unwaivered. When I hold my wife, I feel a completeness, a wholeness that’s sweet and pure. When I hear the words from her lips “I love you” a feeling I have that is repeated every time she says it. It’s a feeling of belonging, security, and home. Like I am home, happy and content all at the same time.

There is nothing more amazing than that word “family” it’s a place where only family will feel it. Only people that belong will experience that, only people that have a family will feel that love. Finding the person that sets on fire the spark within you, is amazing, it’s an incredible journey walking with that person by your side. Yes it’s true I am not perfect, but I am perfect for my Andie. She is perfect for me, because we just don’t look at the imperfections, but if accidentally I do look, I find myself loving those as well. Perfection does not always have to be what’s perfect in another’s eyes. It’s about what’s perfect for you.

Don’t settle for second best, don’t allow yourself to find your non perfect, be patient and make sure you have the right person. Make sure that person is your perfect, know they are your perfect. That they make your hair stand up, make you want to skip, make you want to dance like no ones watching. Since beating cancer these things have won my heart more than silver or gold. More than a fast car, a nice house, family is what matters. Family is at the heart of ALL that matters. The family you have matters, even if that’s him and her. 
What’s your perfect?
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