Manners cost nothing
Hilarious people watching, in the airport lounge at Gatwick, next to us were 2 sets of chairs with a reserved sign on the table clearly for some groups. Two rather grumpy looking and sounding women enter, “everywhere is reserved, we will sit here until they arrive” yes Madame says the polite stewardess we will relocate you when they arrive. My opinion was to just sit where there was no reserved sign but we are all different I guess.
I went to go and get some perfume, on my return the people were being moved, with very long grumpy faces. Complaining and making it known that they were not happy to have been relocated, even though someone else had quite obviously paid to reserve the area so the group were sat together. You would though wouldn’t you…

I mean take our morning experience, we woke at 7 am went down to breakfast only to find it was not included in the room we had paid for but the car parking was. I found myself being quite miffed about it, proberbly because I had actually gotten in the que to find that our names were not on the list. I was hungry, n you don’t mess with a hungry me. It’s the one time when I just don’t deal very well with things when I am hungry, there was a positive spin (you know me) we would eat at the airport. Sat next to the grumpy girls on the reserved seats.

Every cloud has a silver lining I guess, and I have been fed and gotten a blog out it for you to read to. Well I will carry on carrying on, making sure we find positives at every turn.. 
Have a great weekend
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